Our functions focus on the most important issues technology decision-makers face today and the format allows for engaging and
thought-provoking discussions, all conducted under Chatham House rules. Each function is designed to get real value for each attendee and creates the perfect environment for learning and sharing in such a fast evolving sector.



Our functions are a great opportunity to meet and engage with peers from within the same and other sectors. They are a chance to share experiences with an exclusive group of executives that understand similar day-to-day issues.


Latest Updates

The functions we produce enable a wide range of decision-makers from the entire spectrum of industry sectors to meet, learn and share thoughts and practices affecting each of their current and future projects. Taking place in iconic and interesting venues, each event leaves a lasting memory and new relationships are developed for the benefit of all parties.


Stunning Settings

Our settings are designed to be memorable, interesting, provide an environment that is conducive to stimulating discussions and all the time in quality venues with appropriate dinners and drinks that also cater to all individual dietary requirements and choices. In every way, they will leave a lasting impression.