Having done a very successful dinner with us in the DACH region (Zurich), Appian have asked us to produce more Executive Dinners in other locations - France and Germany, where they were experiencing difficulties reaching the right decision makers. The events in Paris and Frankfurt triggered them to use our Executive Dinners as a springboard to reach prospects for their Digital Transformation solutions not just in other parts of Europe (e.g. UK, Benelux, Sweden), but also in such far-away territories and the US and Asia Pacific.

We proposed to approach each new country with just one Executive Dinner to see which location would be more challenging than the others and which represented more potential for more events.

  • Venue search, negotiation and handling of all menu choice, operational matters and payments.

  • Designing an individual invitation for each event.

  • Promote event through social media.

  • Research the target companies, identify the target job functions and job titles.

  • Personally phone each target to invite to the event, explaining the merits of the meeting as well as background information on the client.

  • Register each attendee and capture all useful contact data.

  • Report on a weekly basis back to client on progress of each event.

  • Onsite management of each event, managing registrations and overseeing venue.

  • Post event evaluation with all attendees.

We were in close contact with Appian's regional heads of Marketing and Sales teams in order to understand their specific focus and priorities for every territory where events would be hosted. Whilst the client wanted to promote same products and solutions in different territories, which meant that the event contents/subjects were similar, extensive research was done to make sure we pick and choose the right venue for each event - various options were presented to the client, and they would have the final say on which venue would work best. Throughout the campaign we stayed in regular contact with the client to update them on the attendee acquisition progress.

6 Executive Dinners booked in 2016 and already 11 events booked in 2017 (10 Dinners and 1 big Breakfast session):

  • 06/04/2016, Zurich: target 15, achieved 18.

  • 16/02/2016, Paris: target 15, achieved 17.

  • 22/11/2016, Milan: target 15, achieved 15.

  • 02/13/2017, Brisbane: target 10, achieved 15.

  • 28/03/2017, London: target 15, achieved 28.

  • 16/05/2017, Rome: target 15, achieved 15.

Appian continue to run Executive Dinners in various parts of Europe (UK, Sweden, Benelux, Italy, DACH) on a regular basis, we have also streamlined our communication process with their HQ in the US, which means they are now in a better position to commit to multiple events at a time - in such territories as Asia Pacific and North America.
"I personally worked with and/or vetted more than 5 vendors that provide similar services in EMEA: Vinco is the best in terms of reach into geographies and value"
Cindy Cheng, Director of Marketing, Appian