LogMeIn (2014-2015)

LogMeIn were looking to engage with potential major customers throughout Europe and were struggling to get in front of their target audience. They had two key products, join.me and BoldChat which they wanted to demonstrate in new markets in Europe. Specifically they wanted to be able to address major enterprises with minimum 2500 employees.

We proposed a series of breakfast briefings across 6 major European cities and to ensure that a minimum of 20 key targets would be present for each event. Our complete solution included:

  • City location recommendations.

  • Venue search, negotiation and handling of all menu choice, operational matters and payments.

  • Designing an individual invitation for each event.

  • Promote event through social media.

  • Research the target companies, identify the target job functions and job titles.

  • Personally phone each target to invite to the event, explaining the merits of the meeting as well as background information on the client.

  • Register each attendee and capture all useful contact data.

  • Report on a weekly basis back to client on progress of each event.

  • Onsite management of each event, managing registrations and overseeing venue.

  • Post event evaluation with all attendees.

We undertook to learn about LogMeIn’s products and had briefings with sales and technical so we were proficient in the workings of their offerings. We then took our research material and began the acquisition process for attendees. Throughout the campaign we stayed in regular contact with the client who knew therefore all along the journey who they would be meeting on the day of the event. The events took place in London, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid and Paris.

6 Executive Breakfasts held in 6 locations:

  • Stockholm – target 20, achieved 23 attendees

  • London – target 20, achieved 22 attendees

  • Amsterdam – target 20, achieved 21 attendees

  • Madrid – target 20, achieved 25 attendees

  • Paris – target 20, achieved 20 attendees

  • Berlin – target 20, achieved 23 attendees

Following these events, LogMeIn have expanded their activity in each of these markets.  In addition we have now conducted a further 4 London events, 1 in Dublin and are currently working on a London private dinner event for them.
"In summary I want to thank you and your team for all this enthusiasm – it's amazing working with you and the outcome of the events are bearing fruit across the board – hence the reason for continuing to do them."
Marie Kruger, EMEA Marketing Director, LogMeIn