NCC were looking to engage with specific sectors to showcase their unique security solutions. Although a hugely successful company they were struggling to break into certain sectors, Automotive, Maritime and Retail.

We proposed a series of executive dinners in appropriate locations and venues to enable the client to present their specific research findings into cyber security threats to each of these sectors. Our complete solution included:

  • City location recommendations.

  • Venue search, negotiation and handling of all menu choice, operational matters and payments.

  • Designing an individual invitation for each event.

  • Promote event through social media.

  • Research the target companies, identify the target job functions and job titles.

  • Personally phone each target to invite to the event, explaining the merits of the meeting as well as background information on the client.

  • Register each attendee and capture all useful contact data.

  • Report on a weekly basis back to client on progress of each event.

  • Onsite management of each event, managing registrations and overseeing venue.

  • Post event evaluation with all attendees.

We successfully secured high level attendees for an automotive sector event held at Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham, a maritime event which we ran at the UN’s International Maritime Organisation’s Headquarters in London and a retail event located at the Westbury Hotel, Bond Street, London. The events, presentations and audience were sector specific and they drove a great deal of interest amongst the participants

3 Executive Dinners held: 

  • Automotive – target 20, achieved 22 attendees

  • Maritime – target 20, achieved 24 attendees

  • Retail – target 20, achieved 21 attendees

Following these events, NCC have booked a further 4 dinner events as we continue to help them in reaching new contacts in both new and existing sectors.
“You and your team have surpassed all of my expectations for the projects you have taken on. We have done two bespoke events now both have been executive dinners for specific sectors. For both events I was extremely impressed with the way your team took the brief I provided for the target list and found some of the most influential people within the specific industries. We ended up with some fantastic people around the table” “We secured a lucrative partnership with an agency that has opened doors with many of the largest car manufacturers in the world” “Overall the whole Vinco team has earned my trust, I know when they are on a project that they will deliver to the highest quality no questions asked”
Kate Clarke, Marketing Manager, NCC Group