How Can A Networking Event Benefit Your Business?

Is your business using networking events in its sales and marketing strategy? If not, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities to bring your products and services to their target market, or wasting time talking to prospects that do not have decision making powers.

At Vinco, we understand the power of a well-executed networking event to bring people together and progress your goals. Our private CEO networking events use the 60 years of expertise our senior executives bring, to organise events at the highest standard.

Time Effective Networking

Our exclusive events are invitation only. We research and acquire attendees that are relevant C-level executives from your target audience so you don’t waste time and resources and instead go straight to the decision-makers. We can focus on the specific sectors that you have trouble with and help you break in.

Attendance numbers are carefully controlled and balanced with your aims, to ensure you are able to conduct business easily and effectively. We are exceptionally proud of our attendee acquisition rate which means that you make the most valuable and meaningful connections whenever you attend our events.

Increased Engagement

A potential client gets dozens of sales calls a day and even more emails. It can be difficult to get through the gatekeeper,s and even harder to keep a prospect’s attention in this way. If your sales team are logging too many failed calls, it’s time to try a different, more personal approach. Our face-to-face networking events provide a relaxed atmosphere where you will have their full attention and can communicate your value clearly.

Iconic Venues

Can you mix business and pleasure? At a Vinco Networking Event, it is a given. We arrange events at iconic, high-class venues that will delight and impress your clients. Our experienced event management team will ensure that everything is organised to the last detail on the day, and work through the event to make sure your guests are enjoying themselves and making connections. With luxurious surroundings, you will show clients how important they are to you, and they will leave with a positive impression and great memories. Our events offer the ideal start to long-lasting relationships.

Are you interested in seeing what our event networking packages can offer your business? Contact us today and see how we can help you take your business development to the next level.

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