Nigel Hawthorn

Introducing a new format by Vinco Complete: Analyst Consultant-led Discussions

At Vinco we are committed to making sure your event delivers a great return on investment providing insights into your prospect’s drivers and that the conversation delivers to your needs. Vinco Complete events include a 3rd party industry veteran to lead the discussions during the event. This gives you greater opportunities for discussion, the ability to have analyst collate information beforehand and facilitate a strong flow to the discussions and more value for you and the customers.

We are experts at creating an engaging and collaborative event - the analyst will discuss your objectives and targets before the invitations are sent - helping to strengthen the documents and scripts used by our attendee acquisition team.

We will ask what you want to hear from the attendees and the analyst will have short calls with the prospects to produce a quick set of points for discussion. This will be shared back in the event and can be a jumping off point for further discussions (and the data fed back to you afterwards).

At the event itself, the analyst will help your team get the most from the event and hit the right balance to ensure everyone leaves satisfied. They will encourage attendees to introduce themselves and share their experiences and future requirements. During the event, they will ask thought-provoking questions encouraging participants to share their own insights and get attendees to talk to each other as well as to your team as we find that this creates the best atmosphere for business insights.

Our analysts have decades of experience in their respective fields and are experts at creating an engaging and collaborative environment for all attendees. They will ensure everyone has the opportunity to share in the discussions and that the conversation stays on track and focused.

Our Leading Chief Analyst

Nigel Hawthorn

With 30 years experience in the IT industry, he will take your event to the next level.

He wrote one of the first books on GDPR: “An Action Guide for IT” and has been a speaker, moderator and chair of conferences in many countries. He has worked in IT security, cloud computing, mobility and networking based in Europe, the UK and the USA.

He has a lot of experience facilitating discussions, asking open probing questions and teasing out information from audiences that can be actioned in the future for your sales teams.

He will be one of the major leads in the team making sure your event is successful.

The analyst phases are:

Phase One

Once you sign up with us, the analyst will have a call with you to discuss your targets, objectives and help write the documents and scripts to invite customers. The analyst will also ask you for questions you’d like to ask customers and prospects for your research purposes. The analyst will also bring your sales team on board by hearing from them what messages work best to open discussions and the major selling points they succeed with.

Phase Two

The analyst will contact each of the attendees and ask them the questions, also introduce the evening, share who else is attending to help encourage attendance and explain to them the format of the event.

Phase Three

At the event itself, the analyst will explain to your team how to get the most from the event - encouraging your team to be open and hit the right balance between discussions and sales messaging. When the audience arrives, the analyst will present the feedback from the questions and open discussions taking information from the prospects and yourselves.

Vinco is committed to creating a productive discussion and the whole team will work tirelessly to ensure you get value for money. We are confident that using our analysts will ensure an engaging and productive discussion amongst all attendees.

We look forward to seeing you there.