Attendee Registration Agreement: standard terms & conditions

This attendee ticket is COMPLIMENTARY and includes:

  • full access to the selected event and all its sessions;

  • meals and/or drinks, refreshments, snacks during the event.


1) CLIENT CANCELLATION OF BOOKING. Notice of cancellation must be provided to Vinco Events Ltd in writing. In the event of cancellation, Client will provide a “replacement attendee ” – i.e. attendee of the same/similar position to replace Client and to represent Client’s company at the event. In the event when Client cancels participation for whatever reason at any point prior to the event without providing Vinco Events Ltd with a “replacement attendee”, Vinco Events Ltd will charge the Client an amount of GBP 100,-.

2) CONFIDENTIALITY. All information supplied by Vinco Events Ltd in connection with this Agreement and events, including the names of participants, is confidential and for Client’s use only. The parties agree that such information may not be conveyed to any third party for any purpose. All intellectual property in all materials produced or distributed by Vinco Events Ltd is expressly reserved and any unauthorised duplication, publication or distribution is probation.

3) INTEGRATION. This Agreement constitutes the sole and exclusive Agreement between the parties, supersedes any prior verbal or written, and contemporaneous oral, Agreements, promises, or understandings among them, pertaining to the transactions contemplated in this Agreement. The parties agree that no express or implied representations, warranties, or inducements have been made by any party to any other party except as set fourth in this Agreement.

4) MISCELLANEOUS. a/ Should Client fail to comply with the terms of this Agreement or with Vinco Events Ltd’ requests for information or other co-operation, Vinco Events Ltd reserves the right to cancel Clients’ booking at its discretion. b/ Whatever expenses incurred by Client for the services which are NOT included in the Delegate Package outlined above (i.e. travel expenses, additional accommodation at the event venue, etc.), will paid by the Client. Vinco Events Ltd will not be responsible for such additional expenses. c/ Client agrees to abide by the regulations of the event facility. d/ Client cannot transfer or assign this Agreement without the written consent of Vinco Events Ltd. The undersigned warrants and represents that he or she is specifically authorised by Client to execute this Agreement and bind Client to the obligations under this Agreement, Client acknowledges that Vinco Events Ltd has replied on that representation. e/ Vinco Events Ltd reserves the right to manage delegate bookings in accordance with standard terms and conditions.

5) ALTERATION TO THE ADVERTISED PACKAGE. While every reasonable effort will be made to adhere to the advertised package, Vinco Events Ltd reserves the right to change the event dates, sites or location without penalty.

6) PRIVACY. By accepting these Terms & Conditions, Client acknowledges to have read, understood and accepted Vinco Events’ Privacy Statement.